Colour Pro - the Colour Workshop for You!

Have you ever had someone ask you to give them a 'scheme' for their home or office? How about they show you a piece of fabric or flooring and ask you what colour would work best with it? How did you feel? If you wish you could have given them the best advice possible, but didn't feel properly equipped, this course is definitely for you. What about designing a building in the hills, by the ocean or an office in downtown port of spain? How do you select the best colour/accent colours for the project? Selecting your favourite colours does NOT cut it, and is unprofessional.

This workshop is geared towards paint contractors, paint shop owners, employees, painters and other persons interested in understanding colour for interiors and architecture.

 YOU will gain a practical understanding of colour, colour mixing and schemes (paint) for interior and exterior applications.

The workshop aims to develop direct and practical methods of helping YOU feel comfortable with using and applying colour, to be able to quickly generate colour schemes, based on YOUR CLIENT's needs, context, tastes and room function.

Better serve YOUR CLIENTS and fulfill their needs by designing functional colour schemes that provide value. While you help your clients build their dream homes, spaces, and businesses, YOU can build your own dreams, using this newfound skill, gaining some extra money and confidence in your colourbility. 


interior & exterior

Understand the difference in colour selection for interior and exterior applications.


Colour psychology+

Understand the impact your selections will have on your viewer or occupant, and better meet your client's needs.



Understand the science of colour, functional colour, and better select colour suited to your client's needs. 

  • The workshop will be delivered by an Internationally trained Interior Designer and Colour Consultant.
  • 1 day per week for 3 weeks.
  • Materials will be provided.
  • Certificate of Participation will be awarded.
  • Access to a private facebook group where we continue the conversation about colour. Ask questions, get answers, even after the workshop is over.
  • $1,800TT
  • Class starts: May 28 & May 30, 2017
  • Contact us for further details.