You Need to Fire Your Logo...

If your logo is committing any of the 3 sins listed below, you should think long and hard about having it redesigned by a professional. Your logo may need a few tweaks or a complete overhaul. Read on and see if your logo may just be confusing people, driving your potential clients away or if your logo is rocking it out, doing a great job representing you while your mouth is closed or you're not even in the room.


1. Your Logo is too Complex

If your logo has too much going on, it's probably not going to make the cut. A logo needs to be simple, remember, a logo is not an emoticon or sticker, it's a logo. This means it needs to be simple enough to be printed on and be identifiable on an object as small as a pencil.  Some people combat this by using either the icon (image) or text only or by separating the two, if the logo has both an image and text. Having a simple logo, means that your logo is also VERSATILE and can market your brand anywhere, on anything, your logo can be screen-printed, sand blasted or embossed without much fuss.


2. Your Logo has a Ba-zillion Colours


Is it a logo, or is it a party?  Keeping your logo simple also means it's cheaper and easier to print. The man down the street can do a screen print of your logo on a T-shirt for a decent enough/affordable price, without you having to break the bank.  Using gradients equal too many colours. For cheaper printing etc. the old and golden rule is 4 colors MAXIMUM.


3. Your Logo Doesn't Represent Your Brand 

Your logo is phallic or sexual but your company doesn't sell sex or anything remotely close to it 0_0  If your logo is not being done by a professional Graphic Designer, have your friends, family and employees test the logo for you. Ask what images come to mind, what feelings and energies are called up/brought up when they look at the design and make notes. If the associations don't match the intention or anything close to it, order another round of revisions. Professional Graphic Designers will test the logo before it is submitted to you, this is part of the reason for hiring professionals, generally the research etc is done for you.


If your logo didn't match any of these points and the fine details in between, you're golden, continue working on building and growing your brand into the best it can be. If you did, get it together and get it together quick. ;) we'd be happy to help. Give us a shout.